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In mid of May, more than 20 rivers burst their banks in Italy, leaving 13 people dead and forcing thousands from their homes after six month’s rainfall fell in a day and a half.

Our colleague from the GDC – Giovani Democratico Cristiani San Marino, Sara Marinelli, was there, and we share her first impression:

Sara Marinelli: ”I’m proud to see much youth as volunteers.”

”More than 20.000 people are without a house, and there is much to do. During May, I will return to Faenza to help. Faenza is the city more destroyed. What I saw were places completely destroyed. People lost everything: house, work… they left everything to escape in a dinghy or helicopter. Also, my grandfather was evacuated from the hospital. We, as volunteers, are digging in the mud and cleaning. I’m proud to see much youth as volunteers.”

How can you help:

The Region has launched the ‘Un aiuto per Emilia-Romagna’ (Help for Emilia-Romagna) campaign. On the account with Iban IT69G0200802435000104428964 (or with Bic Swift code UNCRITM1OM0 from abroad), in the name of the Emilia-Romagna Agency for Territorial Safety and Civil Protection, it is possible to make a donation, entering ‘Flood Emilia-Romagna’ as the reason for the donation.