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Thomas Belligh is from Oostende, Belgium and currently lives in Ghent, Belgium. He obtained a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Linguistics and Literature, as well as a Bachelor of Law at Ghent University. He recently obtained his PhD in General Linguistics, which is based on several of his research articles that were published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals. During the working year 2020-2021 he will continue to pursue an additional Bachelor’s degree in Theoretical and Experimental Psychology, also at Ghent University. In addition to his academic interest in the human mind, consciousness, language and cognition, Thomas has a strong interest in national, European and international politics. For the past five years Thomas has been involved with the Christian Democrat Students of Belgium, serving one year as local vice-president, one year as local president, two years as Chairman of the organization, and currently serving as Honorary Chairman of the organization. Additionally, Thomas is the international secretary and an Executive Board member of the youth party of the Flemish Christian Democrats (JONGCD&V). Thomas has been attending EDS Council Meetings since the EDS Summer University in Varna in 2017. During the EDS Summer University of 2019 in Bucharest he was elected as Vice-Chairman of the EDS board. During the EDS Summer University of 2020 he was re-elected as Second Vice-Chairman of the organization. As a Vice-Chair Thomas is responsible for the drafting of the conference resolutions, the management of the EDS working groups and for bringing the EDS resolutions, motions and position papers to the EPP.

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