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Pavlina Pavlova (28) has been EDS Deputy Secretary General with two Executive Bureaus between 2014 and 2016. A graduate of KU Leuven with an MA (Hons) in European studies, she has since worked in the governmental institutions and international organisations covering a range of political, security and human rights issues.

Author Articles

Where did you sleep last night? Entering a post-privacy era

By Pavlina Pavlova From Cambridge Analytica harvesting raw data of millions of Facebook users without their consent to the...

The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors: Applying Reflexive Control in the Digital Age

Theories combining psychology and warfare are thousands of years old, but big data and social media have dramatically changed their operational landscape. As people’s lives become increasingly digitalised, the target of anyone aiming to influence democracy is clear: it is your data.   The primary goal of a military commander...