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Nikos Theodosiadis (22) A Greek citizen and staunch Europeanist. Has avidly participated in EDS since 2016. Nikos has a BSc in International Relations from the University of Surrey and is currently completing his MSc in European and International Public Policy at LSE, where he has also founded the Edmund Burke Society. He has co-founded Fairosene, a civil society organisation dedicated to EU environmental policy.

Author Articles

Questioning NATO’s Fifth Commandment and the struggle for a European Strategic Autonomy

By Nikos Theodosiadis Thou shalt not kill. Simple. Straightforward. Unmistakeable. This forthright yet highly intricate instruction comprises the fifth of the Ten Commandments governing biblical principles. A foundational pillar...

New Green Deal: Youth Activism as the Driver of the Climate Agenda

What will be the most heated issue of the coming decades? Here’s a safe bet. It will be climate change. However, while it may be...