Ivan Botoucharov

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Ivan has proud Bulgarian roots and has been fortunate to have lived and been educated in Bulgaria, the USA, Italy and, since his teenage years, in the UK. He is currently an Executive in Media, Digital Marketing and Public Relations for a global corporation based in London. He has studied at universities in the UK (UEA and LMU) and the USA (UCLA), and holds a full Chartered status from the Institute of Marketing, granted by authority of The Queen’s Privy Council. During and after his studies Ivan co-founded and led OneEurope, which became Europe’s largest citizens media under his tenure. In the course of his EDS career Ivan has been the Co-Chair of the Policies for Europe working group, a contributor to Bullseye, Vice-Chair responsible for Publications and the head of the UK delegation at Council Meetings since 2017. Ivan is the Chair of the UK organisation in EDS - the Young Conservative Group for Europe. He also serves as an Executive in YCGE’s parent organisation, which enjoys the support of 70 Conservative Members of Parliament and the House of Lords.

Author Articles

The Impact of Brexit to the United Kingdom: An Interview with Ian Taylor MBE

The Brexit process has profoundly affected the UK, including many of its key sectors, from science and technology to security and defence. In order to understand the impact to some of the primary fields of the...