BullsEye is the in-house magazine of the European Democrat Students, the official student organisation of the European People’s Party and the largest student political association in Europe.

BullsEye stepped into the void left by its predecessor “Taurus” which had been founded in 1976 under the auspices of EDS Chair Scott Hamilton (Federation of Conservative Students, United Kingdom) and Vice-Chair Friedbert Pflüger (RCDS, Germany) in order to publicise the work and campaigns of the organisation with local member organisations and the wider public. Briefly discontinued for almost a decade from 1984 onwards, the magazine was revived and renamed by initiative of Anders Friis (KS, Denmark) in 1992. Ever since, BullsEye has loyally accompanied the activities of the EDS and carried the voice of centre-right students in Europe into the policy realm.

Conceived as a debating outlet, BullsEye offers a critical forum to liberal, conservative and Christian Democrat students, as well as senior figures of political, academic and public life, to comment and report on political, economic, social, educational and ideological developments across the European Union and the globe. EDS’s central mouthpiece, the magazine offers reports on current affairs, interviews with key decision-makers, portraits, and policy analyses. It is published on a quarterly basis during each working year, thematically accompanying EDS’s conferences with in-depth analyses by both members and policy experts.